Title: American Beauty Cabbage Roses
by Frances Walker

Description: This superb print showcases a bouquet of American Beauty cabbage roses. It is by the Victorian artist Frances Walker, a peer of both Catherine Klein as well as Paul de Longpre. In Victorian times, the American Beauty roses symbolized the virtue of "True Love". At that time, before roses were hybridized, the rose was a darker pink color like these, not the true deep red we know today. The background has a nice light tan aged patina outside the blue area that compliments the rose bouquet perfectly. This study is laser printed on heavy stock, measures aprox 10 5/8 x 15 inches, and will fit perfectly into a standard size 11 x 14 inch frame. *Please note that our paper prints are copyright protected, and may NOT be reproduced in any manner, nor used for other applications without our written consent*

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