Title: c1870 Laws of Health in Relation to the Human Form Book by Napheys Etiquette Toilette Cosmetics Sex


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c1870 Victorian Etiquette Sex Fashion Cosmetics Quack Medicine Perfume Phrenology Book The Laws of Health in Relation to the Human Form Napheys.

This hard-to-find book is entitled The Laws of Health in Relation to the Human Form, and is by D. G. Brinton and George H. Napheys, both M.D.'s. It is a comprehensive view of Victorian life just post Civil War and is full of amazing social norms and formulations or recipes, as well as quack medical advice from the period 1870.

Published by W.J. Holland, Springfield, Massachusetts: 1870. It has 346 pages, and measures 5 x 8 inches with a faded decorative purple pebbled hardbound cloth cover with a gilt cameo illustration on the front cover. The inside is in VG condition, with an owner's name inscription. It has the usual customary wear as expected with a book over 150 years old with regard to the cover, worn corners, and faded spine. There are some pages with a light watermark along the bottom, about one eighth inch high by 1.5 inches lengthwise, not detracting, but mentioned for accuracy. (Please note that the page patina is very even throughout the book, try as I might, I just couldn't get my camera to show the page coloring evenly. They are not the heavy yellow tones.)

This book has some of the most quirky and eyebrow-raising subjects ever published, and to think these were guides for young ladies and men--oh my!--the proper form of the neck--breasts and waist--the proper form and color of the eye--offensive breath--freckles--tattoo--wrinkles--how to curl and stiffen the hair--how to wear a beard--see extensive contents below!

From the index page, these subjects are covered: the arm, arsenic eating, baldness, bandy legs, barber's itch, bathing, beard care, how to wear beards, bearded women, beauty's curious notion, benzoin as a cosmetic, blear eye, excessive blushing, cosmetic borax, spine brace, offensive breath, bunions, scars from burns, propriety of eating candy, carbuncles, chapped hands, chignons, chilblains, next to the skin clothing, club foot, dress colors, cold cream, combs, comeliness, the complexion, corns, corpulence, dangers of corsets, cosmetic surgery, cosmetics, cross eyes, cucumber virtues, curling the hair, curling fluid, dandruff, ear wax, earrings, eczema, electricity as a cosmetic, eye care, eyebrow care, eyeglasses, eyelashes, puffy eyelids, bright eyes, face shape, fattening food, fetid feet, fever blisters, the human figure and its proportions, finger form, flat foot, shape of the forehead, freckles, frosted feet, wearing garters, gloves, golden hair, gray hair, grubs on the face, tender gums, all things pertaining to hair, the hand and its care, harelip, shape of the head, heat rash, height of the body, hives, hoarseness, horseradish as a cosmetic, india ink marks, ingrown toenail, itching, perils of kissing, lead dangers, troubles of leanness, left handed people, the leg, lemons as cosmetics, leprosy, artificial limbs, excessive growth of the lips, liver spots, lupus, marriage and its effects on the figure, masks, mineral waters, moles, mothers' marks, mouth wash, fingernails, redness of the nose, laws of odors, pads over the breasts, pallor of the skin, palsy of the face, perfumery, perfumes to brighten the eyes, phrenology, pimples, poisons used as cosmetics, pomades for the skin, prickly heat, the profile, redness of the skin and nose, rice powder, how to remove rings, rose powder, rouge, round shouldered persons, scalled head, diseases of the scalp, burn scars, sea bathing, shaving the head, the shoe, proper shape of the shoulders, eruptions on the skin, sleeping on the side, sense of smell, soaps, curvature of the spine, squinting, defects in stature, stye, sunburn, stammering, stuttering, want of symmetry, tan, tattoo marks, teeth, tetter, parlor theatricals, tics, tight lacing, tooth powders, tumors on the neck, veils, virgin's milk, the voice, walnut dies, warts, weeping, weight table for different ages, white spots, wigs, physical life and diseases of woman, how to prevent wrinkles, wry neck, and zinc as a cosmetic!

Here is one excerpt that is so bizarre: With regard to the breasts--"they should be firm and elastic, rising from the chest true hemispheres in shape, situated neither too high nor too low--the distance from the nipple to the lower edge of the collarbone of the same side should equal that from one nipple to the other, which, in turn, should be precisely one-fourth of the circumference of the chest at their level--the space between the bases should equal the diameter of the base of either"--can you imagine trying to be this perfect form??!

Contents with Chapter Headings: Introduction: the power of beauty--the nature of beauty--cosmetic surgery--its propriety--definition of personal beauty. The Human Figure as a Whole: its correct proportions--how to perfect the figure--defects in stature--too tall or too short--want of symmetry of the body--relaxed and stooping figures--superfluous and defective members--on corpulence and leanness--gill of fare to decrease in flesh--on leanness--bill of fare to increase flesh. The Neck and Bust: the proper form of the neck--wry neck and goitre--the shoulders and chest--the breasts and waist. The Head, Face and Expression: the shape of the head--the face and expression.

The Eyes, Eyebrows, Eyelashes, and the Sense of Sight: proper form and color of the eye--the eyebrows--the eyelids and eyelashes--the eye. The Ear and Sense of Hearing: the form and care of the ear--piercing the ear, and ear-rings. The Nose and Sense of Smell: proper form, and care of the nose--defects in the form and color of the nose--the sense of smell and perfumery.

The Mouth, Lips, Teeth, and Breath: the mouth and lips--the teeth--the voice--offensive breath. The Arm and Hand: the arm--the hand and fingers--the fingernails. The Foot and Leg: the leg--the foot and shoe. The Skin and Complexion: from the anatomist's standpoint--washing and bathing--on toilet soaps--lotions and washes to beautify the skin--emulsions and pomades for the skin--other means of improving the complexion--protecting the complexion--masks and veils--what clothing should be worn next to the skin--powders to protect the skin--means for whitening the skin--rose powders and rouge--a word about enameling the face, patches, discolorations of the skin, excessive whiteness of the skin--discolorations from nitrate of silver--sunburn, tan, and freckles--liver spots and moles--mother's marks--India ink or tattoo marks--arsenic eating and secret washes--eruptions of the skin--pimples, hives, carbuncles, the prevention and removal of scars--on wrinkles.

The Hair: physiology of the hair--the hair in health--washing, combing, and brushing--cutting the hair--how to curl and stiffen the hair--hair powders--gray hair and hair dyes--false hair, chignons--falling of the hair and baldness--dandruff and scurf of the scalp--excessive growth of hair and depilatories--the arrangement of the hair. The Beard: how to wear the beard--the care of the beard--diseases of the beard. L'Envoi: The duty of comeliness.

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