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This fascinating, scarce, antique book from 1882 is entitled "Gems of Deportment and Hints of Etiquette, The Ceremonials of Good Society, Including Valuable Moral, Mental, and Physical Knowledge. Original and Compiled from the Best Authorities, With Suggestions On All Matters Pertaining to the Social Code. A Manual of Instruction for the Home". The author is Mrs. M.L. Rayne. Published by Tyler & Co., Chicago, IL. Books like this were essential for the home, a sort of "bible" you might say as to how to conduct oneself within Victorian society. And, there is a section on the Language and Poetry of Flowers, that is, what virtue each flower symbolized, so very important in Victorian society. After reading the contents below, I'm sure you'll agree it is quite comprehensive, and would make a wonderful gift for anyone who studies etiquette of long ago. It also includes a section on the Language and Poetry of Flowers, that is, what virtue each flower symbolized, such an integral part of Victorian society.

Contents Include:

Chapter I. Social Ethics-Manners and Morals of Good Society--Breeding of More Value Than Birth-Habits Formed in Youth-Correct Deportment at Home

Chapter II. Law of Hospitality--English Hosts and American Guests-The Duties of Visitors at Country Houses-Golden Rules--Art of Conversation--Subjects of Conversation

Chapter III. The Mother--Her Influence On The Lives of Her Children-Happy Mothers--Foolish Mothers--Tribute of Great Men to Their Mothers--Our Girls--Street Etiquette for Girls--Our Boys-Home Influence--Rules for Boys--Profanity and Slang--Boys Smoking--What Boys Should Learn--Rules of Behavior

Chapter IV. Everyday Etiquette--Definition of a Gentleman--Definition of a Lady--Manners of Little Girls--Little Tempers--Chronic Grumblers--Extravagant Language--Gossip and Slander--Decision of Character--Gentlemen at Home—Affectations

Chapter V. Introductions--Place of Introduction--Embarrassment of Introductions--Form of Introduction--Etiquette of the Occasion--Importance of Making Acquaintance

Chapter VI. Hand-Shaking--A Few Rules To Be Observed--Salutations and Replies Among the Different Nations of the Earth--"When Greek Meets Greek'"-The Bible Code of Politeness--The Modern bow--The Kiss

Chapter VII. Etiquette of Letter-Writing--Historical Letters--Anonymous Letters--Elegant Letter-Writing--Brief Letters--What Kind of Letter-Paper To Use--Color of the Ink---Rules for Letter-Writing--Letters of Introduction

Chapter VIII. Letters of Condolence--Business Correspondence--Love Letters--Answered and Unanswered Letters--Dates, Addresses, Stamps, Punctuation, etc.

Chapter IX. The Value of Reading--Reading Aloud--What Books to Read--Buckle's List--How to Read Books--Favorite Books----German Literature--Books That Every Body Reads--The Bible and Shakespeare

Chapter X. The Bath--Cleanliness of Person A Duty We Owe To Society--Baths, Ancient and Modern--Their Effect on the Health--Aids to Beauty--Artificial Salt-Water Baths--Bran Baths--Rain Water Baths--A Moorish Bath--The Arab Perfume Bath--The Milk Bath--The Wine Baths of Paris

Chapter XI. The Eyes--Their Value and Beauty--Poetry of the Eyes--Spectacles and Their Use--Ornamenting the Eye--Etiquette of The Eyes--Weak Eyes

Chapter XII. The Teeth--Rules for Taking Care of the Teeth--The Breath--How to Keep it Sweet--Small Mouths--The Hair--Care of The Hair--Rare Colors in Hair--White Hair--How to Preserve It--Children's Hair--Miseries of an Elaborate Coiffure

Chapter XIII. Taking Care of the Nails--The Hand--Beauty and Use of the Hand--The Feet--Ladies' Feet--Feet and Their Value--Poetry of the Sole

Chapter XIV. Engagements--Ring of Betrothal--Secret Engagements--Behavior of the Engaged--Engagement Gifts--Announcing the Engagement--Engaged Girls--Marrying for Love--Married Lives--Advice to Young Wives, Advice to Young Husbands--Demeanor of Married People Toward Each Other at Home and In Society, etc.

Chapter XV. Weddings in London--In America--Weddings at Home and in Church--Brides-Maids--The Wedding Ring--Widows and Widowers--The Presents--Hint for the Wedding Day--American Weddings--The Wedding Day--Brides-Maids' Dresses--The Bride's Dress--The Bridal Veil--Following the Ceremony--Marriage in China--Money and Marriage in Paris--Marriage in the East

Chapter XVI. Wedding Presents--What to Give and How to Give It--The Wedding Tour

Chapter XVII. Divorce--Its Complex Laws--Difficulty of Obtaining it in Foreign Countries--Divorce in England--In Massachusetts, etc.

Chapter XVIII. Etiquette of the Table--Knives and Forks--How To Use Them--Use of the Fork--Use of the Spoon--Finger Bowls--Table Manners--Use of the Napkin--Luxury in Eating

Chapter XIX. Physical Nerve--Presence of Mind--Swimming--Drowning--How to Avoid It--Restoration of the Drowned--How it Feels to Drown--To Jump From a Steamer's Deck

Chapter XX. Beautiful Costumes--Artistic Dress for Woman--Some Beautiful Ball Dresses--Color and Style--A Study--Autocracy of Dress--Garb of Vocation--Men's Dress--Immagrants' Costumes--Remarkable Toilets

Chapter XXI. Etiquette of Religion--Immortality of the Soul--What is the Bible Like--Trusting God--Juvenile Pessimism--Dying Words--The Fashion of Unbelief--Behavior in Church

Chapter XXII. Early Teas--Luncheons--Receptions--How to Invite--How to Respond--What to Wear--When to Go--Etiquette of the Occasion

Chapter XXIII. The Calling Card--Style of Cards--Visiting and Invitation Cards--Wedding Cards--New Year's and Dinner Cards--Etiquette of Cards

Chapter XXIV. Cosmetics--Their Use and Abuse--How To Be Beautiful--A Clear Skin and How to Acquire It--Plumpness--Leanness--How to Keep Youthful--Beauty and its Value--Celebrated Beauties--Some Recipes of Value to the Toilet--To Diminish Wrinkles--To Conceal Wrinkles--Soothing Lotion For The Face--Cream De l'Enclos for the Complexion--Turkish Rouge--Pearl Water Cosmetics—Perfumes

Chapter XXV. Diamonds--When To Wear Them--Their Value as Property--Rare Diamonds of the World--Largest Diamond--A Present of Diamonds From the Khedive of Egypt--Other Gems--Superstitions Connected With Opals--Etiquette of Jewels

Chapter XXVI. Dinners Great and Small--How to Invite--How to Answer--How to Entertain--Elegant Dinners--Post-Prandial Speeches--Famous Dinners--Etiquette of Dinner-Giving--Menues--Saying Grace--Dressing for Dinner--How to Serve a Dinner at Home--Millionaire Dinners--A Dinner With Genius--A Wonderful Dinner--A "Hunt" Dinner

Chapter XXVII. Riding on Horseback--Driving--Etiquette of the Saddle--Hints to Equestrians--Carriage Etiquette--Love Making

Chapter XXVIII. The Literature of Flowers--Signification of Names--Poetical Language of Flowers

Chapter XXIX. Music--Its Value As An Accomplishment--Great Authors On Music--Behavior At Concert and Operas--Influence of Music--How To Dress For The Opera

Chapter XXX. American Travelers in Europe--Funds--Bills of Exchange--A Safe Precaution--Letters of Credit--Francs--Languages--Etiquette of Ocean Travel--Hints for Ocean Travel--Etiquette on Board Ship

Chapter XXXI. Gems of Poesy--What is Poetry--Its Relation to Deportment--Poems of Patriotism--Recitation- Poems of Consolation and Religion--For a Golden Wedding

Chapter XXXII. Elocution--Reading and Speaking--Culture of the Voice--Value of Words--Pronunciation—Laughing

Chapter XXXIII. Learning a New Language--Rules for Acquiring French and German--Books Suitable for a Course of Study--Etiquette of a Foreign Language

Chapter XXXIV. Funeral Ceremonies--Etiquette in the House of Death--Invitations and Notice of Funeral--The Mourning Toilet Deportment of a Widow--Deportment of a Widower

This hardbound book has tan cloth-covered boards, with rich decorative silver, gold, and black stamping to the cover and spine. Frontispiece tissue guard is intact with foxing. There are full-page and paragraph header illustrations. 414 Pages. 6 1/8 x 8 1/4" tall. It is in VG condition. The spine and text block are tight. The cover boards have the usual wear at the corners, sides, and spine ends, with a teenie pinhead hole about 2" up from the spine edge, and a couple other small wear holes at the spine bottom (mentioned only for accuracy). Inside the pages have a nice patina and no writing on them, and is mostly clean with a small amount of handling wear mostly confined to the front and rear pages, and a few foxing spots. The outside page edges are red tipped. The hinges are tight, all in all, this book is in remarkable shape for its age, and very RARE. Honestly, I haven't had this book for a LONG time, and probably won't get another!

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